Monday, February 1, 2010

Our latest happenings

A couple friend of ours, Erin and Jason had a baby on December 31st. They named him Joshua and he is so cute. McKenzie just loves babies these days and is such a big help. She loves to hold their bottles and help feed them. Here she is in action!

McKenzie still loves her doll stroller. Jason and McKenzie thought that the below picture was a good idea! I have to admit, it was really funny! Once again, poor Ba-Ba! He hates the stroller!

Yesterday before we left for church I was telling McKenzie how it was so cold outside and that she needed to wear her hat. She has decided that she likes hats these day, just like she now likes hair bows! It is so funny how her little moods and ways of thinking of things change. Here are a few hat pics!

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Tank said...

Oh no. Poor ba ba! That is hilarious. I am glad MG is liking her hats these days!