Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr. Mom

Last weekend I flew to Philadelphia to visit Cookie! Most of you know that Robin and I have been best friends since nursery school! We had the most amazing time. I flew in Friday night and flew home early Monday morning. We ate at some of the most delicious restaurants I have ever been to. On Sunday, we took a walking tour of Philly called Flavors of Philly. It was so yummy. On our tour we got to sample all the different foods that are famous to Philly. We went to a movie and just relaxed at Cookie's apt. It was amazing how fast I could get ready and out the door when it was just me! I had a fabulous weekend away with Cookie! Back at home, Jason did a wonderful job with MG for the weekend! They had a date to Chinese and Dairy Queen, went to church, and he even got her to school on time on Monday morning! I was so impressed! It is really funny though, MG seems to want which ever one of us she has been with for some time. That is usually me, just because I am with her all the time. However, when I got home she was excited to see me but immediately asked for Da Da. Jason was loving it! I thought it was really sweet! Here is a picture below of all the snow still in Philly.

Cookie with all her Philly snow! Taller than her!

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Tank said...

glad u had fun! you needed it.