Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Today, was the Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic Lunch at McKenzie' school! It was really fun! However, MG was not that good with me there today. I guess she thought I was going to leave without her today and just cried and cried. Once she realized I was going to stay she was fine. She loved the egg hunt too. However, she did not care about how many eggs she found, she just wanted to know what was inside her eggs. She would find one, open it, eat the candy and go to the next egg. It was so funny! She ate so much chocolate, I have no idea how she is not sick! She has a LOVE for chocolate and sweets just like her Mommy!
McKenzie and Mommy

Myleigh and her Mommy


Mrs. Shannon, one of MG's teachers

Cole and his Daddy

MG and Cole


Huntin' the eggs!

Myleigh found one!

Gettin' into the car with her basket! She was not trusting anyone to hold it!

Drivin' her car!

Driving like a Granny...I love it!

Mrs. Michelle in the pink shirt, MG's other teacher!

I love this one...backing up just like Daddy with the door opened!!!

McKenzie Grace and Myleigh Grace

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Sweetest Things

McKenzie has started saying the sweetest things. She will come out with something that we don't even know she knows how to say and just says it in a complete sentence. It is just precious but often times hilarious! She is still calling me Meg occasionally and Jason, Jason also. It cracks me up when she does it because her little voice is just so sweet.

Yesterday, when McKenzie woke up from her nap she yelled over her monitor..."Meg, I pooped!" I just cracked up and of course went and got her up. She is so funny like that.

Today, when McKenzie and I were driving home from her school she says from the backseat, "I miss you Mommy." Oh, it was so sweet, my heart just melted. She had missed me while she was at school. It is so sweet to me how she does not know tenses of words yet, so it was just miss instead of missed! She is learning so much and talking more everyday!

Now when I sneeze she will say, "Bless you Mommy!" It is just priceless!

We just can't believe everything that she can say and do and she is not yet 2!

Cake Class Week 4

Yesterday, I took my 4th and final cake class for course 1! I learn yesterday how to make the entire Wilton Rose! I finished the cake with everything on it that I have learned! It was so fun! I truly enjoyed this class and I am looking forward to starting course 2 in a few weeks! Below are my pictures of my Wilton Rose Cake!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Locked Out

Yesterday, I went out back to clean up after Baxter. McKenzie was standing at the backdoor watching me. When I came back up on the deck and tried to get back into the house, she had locked me out, using the dead bolt. MG was standing right on the other side of the glass door and when I asked her to let me in, she tried. However, she can't turn the dead bolt all the way back to unlock it yet. So, there I was, standing outside while she was inside. Thank God we have a garage door with a number pad on it. That was my only way it!

Monday, March 22, 2010


We have been trying to teach McKenzie general manners...please, thank you, excuse me, those easy ones that everyone should know early on. Well this morning was picture day at McKenzie's school and she was wearing a dress. As I was putting on her stocking this is what she said!

MG: Gas, gas, gas
Meg (As McKenzie calls me): McKenzie, did you pass gas?
MG: Yeah
Meg: What do you say? (Of course, I am wanting her to say excuse me!) However...
MG: I farted!
Meg: What do you say?
MG: I farted!

Of course after that the entire manner lesson was lost because I was laughing so hard I could not even correct her! You just never know what they are going to say!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cake Class Week 3

Today at Cake Class we made Clown Cakes! They were so much fun to make! I am just loving this class! I decorated this cake for Amber because she loves clowns! I realize that the cake is not perfect but it was what I could come up with for my first attempt. Also, I filled this cake so it has a layer of icing in the middle and my icing was too thin and made the layers slide a part. However, it was really fun to make and MG loved the icing! It is a chocolate cake with almond-white and yellow, vanilla-pink, and butter-purple icing.

Egg Dying

This past Tuesday at Supper Club we dyed Easter eggs! It was so much fun! This was the first time that McKenzie has dyed eggs at our house. We did not do it with her last year. It was a great time had by all. A good way to stay doing thing for your childhood!

MG's Easter Basket from Katie

Katie has McKenzie Grace monogrammed on it! So precious! MG loves it and fills it with anything she can find!

All dyed!

A work in progress

Hi Hi and Lo Lo

The Norton Fam (notice MG no longer likes cameras...)

She smiled one good time!

The dye!

The Week

Well, we hit a mile stone this week...we no longer eat out! Yes, McKenzie lost it on Wednesday at Moe's. We eat out on Wednesdays after her preschool is over with two of our dear friends, Hi Hi and Lo Lo as MG calls them. This week was awful! For those of you who are around MG often you know that she can not only squeal like a pig but scream the loudest most blood curdling scream you have ever heard. These noises are never out of anger or a bad mood but rather, just because. As we were eating at Moe's on Wednesday, she started screaming...I mean screaming. The restaurant fell silent and I could feel every eye in the place boring in the back of my head. A few seconds later after McKenzie realized that she could silence the entire place, she screams again. I am terrified now. So what happens next, everyone but me and the two people we were having lunch with start to laugh. Well, that was all she needed for the screaming to continue. I quickly finished my lunch and we left. I am not sure how long the no eating out will last for, but it will for sure be a while.

This week McKenzie wore her first real set of pig tails! No more "half" pig tails. Her hair is long enough for real ones. I can't believe it. They are just two perfect little ringlets of curls. I just love them!

From the back!

MG has this thing as of this week...she no longer likes to have her picture all!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cake Class...week 2

I have always wanted to take a cake decorating class and could never find one at just the right time. I finally found one! I had my first class last Sunday! During that class we basically learned how to make the frosting, smooth a cake, and what all the different tools were for and how to use them properly. I was really excited about today's class because we actually got to do something! We had to show up with an 8 inch round cake that was frosted in light blue frosting. We put a rainbow on our cakes and then wrote something on it. It is not perfect but I was just so excited about it and proud of myself for actually doing it! I have wanted to do this for so long and now I am doing it! Here is my very first cake I have ever decorated...The Rainbow Cake! (And no, I am not going to freeze it and use it for MG's birthday party! That was Jason's idea!)

Papa Norton Turns 50

We spent the weekend in Young Harris visiting Jason's family. Yesterday, we celebrated his Dad's 50th birthday! It was a nice family get party with a cookout! It was really fun to see everyone and hang out. However, we missed Jeff! He will be coming home in August so not many more celebrations without him!

Talking at the table!

Granny cuts the cake!

Jared and Jason in deep conversation! (Lobello...this on is for you!!!)

Kathy's parents and Keith

All of us...minus Jeff...and MG was napping!

Keith with brother Kevin and their Dad

Jason's parents

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tate Turns Two

Today, Tate turns two! Yesterday, was Tate's birthday party! It was a train themed birthday with all things trains! You know Amber, she takes everything to the next level! I always have so much to live up to with her! Being a train theme of course she had an edible train for dessert! You will have to scroll though the pictures to find it. Only Amber could have build a train out of food and then place cupcakes on it and the train not fall to pieces! The food was a taco train! Of course cheese dip, salsa, and bean dip for appetizers! Then this train she made housed all the different toppings for the tacos! AMAZING! They had a big jumper thing in their front yard, that I swear the older "boys" liked much better than the little one! It was so fun to watch them all playing in the jumper. Amber had taken a shower curtain and drew a train on it and it hung on the side of the jumper. All the kids got conductor has with their names on them and the parents all got a magnet of Tate all dressed up in his train gear! (They are like the magnet people that Amber made MG for Christmas!) Tate got lots of really fun presents! It was such a great party! I just can't believe that Tate is 2 today! Happy, Happy Birthday to our sweet little Tater! We love you bud!Steve and the birthday boy!


Taco Train

Up close



Tate's play area! So sweet! Look at those letters his Mama made!

Dessert train!

Up close


Magnet up close

All the magnets!


Kenzie's hat!

Harper! Isn't she cute?!!

Blake and Amy (Amber's sister and her little boy!)

Brian and Steve...acting like Brian and Steve do!

Loden and Tate

Nana and Tate


Brendon (our cousin from WI) and Steve

Papa getting tractors out of the packaging


Tate and his gumdrop cupcake! He picked that one!


Blowing out his candle!


MG...what a look! She loved her cupcake!

Now for some ice cream!

Amber, Tate, and Brian

Some good hugs before leaving! glad to see us all leave!