Monday, March 29, 2010

The Sweetest Things

McKenzie has started saying the sweetest things. She will come out with something that we don't even know she knows how to say and just says it in a complete sentence. It is just precious but often times hilarious! She is still calling me Meg occasionally and Jason, Jason also. It cracks me up when she does it because her little voice is just so sweet.

Yesterday, when McKenzie woke up from her nap she yelled over her monitor..."Meg, I pooped!" I just cracked up and of course went and got her up. She is so funny like that.

Today, when McKenzie and I were driving home from her school she says from the backseat, "I miss you Mommy." Oh, it was so sweet, my heart just melted. She had missed me while she was at school. It is so sweet to me how she does not know tenses of words yet, so it was just miss instead of missed! She is learning so much and talking more everyday!

Now when I sneeze she will say, "Bless you Mommy!" It is just priceless!

We just can't believe everything that she can say and do and she is not yet 2!

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Tank said...

Wow wow! She is so smart and loving!