Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Today, was the Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic Lunch at McKenzie' school! It was really fun! However, MG was not that good with me there today. I guess she thought I was going to leave without her today and just cried and cried. Once she realized I was going to stay she was fine. She loved the egg hunt too. However, she did not care about how many eggs she found, she just wanted to know what was inside her eggs. She would find one, open it, eat the candy and go to the next egg. It was so funny! She ate so much chocolate, I have no idea how she is not sick! She has a LOVE for chocolate and sweets just like her Mommy!
McKenzie and Mommy

Myleigh and her Mommy


Mrs. Shannon, one of MG's teachers

Cole and his Daddy

MG and Cole


Huntin' the eggs!

Myleigh found one!

Gettin' into the car with her basket! She was not trusting anyone to hold it!

Drivin' her car!

Driving like a Granny...I love it!

Mrs. Michelle in the pink shirt, MG's other teacher!

I love this one...backing up just like Daddy with the door opened!!!

McKenzie Grace and Myleigh Grace

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Tank said...

looks like she had a blast. that picture is hilarious of her backing up the car!!! hahaha.