Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tate Turns Two

Today, Tate turns two! Yesterday, was Tate's birthday party! It was a train themed birthday with all things trains! You know Amber, she takes everything to the next level! I always have so much to live up to with her! Being a train theme of course she had an edible train for dessert! You will have to scroll though the pictures to find it. Only Amber could have build a train out of food and then place cupcakes on it and the train not fall to pieces! The food was a taco train! Of course cheese dip, salsa, and bean dip for appetizers! Then this train she made housed all the different toppings for the tacos! AMAZING! They had a big jumper thing in their front yard, that I swear the older "boys" liked much better than the little one! It was so fun to watch them all playing in the jumper. Amber had taken a shower curtain and drew a train on it and it hung on the side of the jumper. All the kids got conductor has with their names on them and the parents all got a magnet of Tate all dressed up in his train gear! (They are like the magnet people that Amber made MG for Christmas!) Tate got lots of really fun presents! It was such a great party! I just can't believe that Tate is 2 today! Happy, Happy Birthday to our sweet little Tater! We love you bud!Steve and the birthday boy!


Taco Train

Up close



Tate's play area! So sweet! Look at those letters his Mama made!

Dessert train!

Up close


Magnet up close

All the magnets!


Kenzie's hat!

Harper! Isn't she cute?!!

Blake and Amy (Amber's sister and her little boy!)

Brian and Steve...acting like Brian and Steve do!

Loden and Tate

Nana and Tate


Brendon (our cousin from WI) and Steve

Papa getting tractors out of the packaging


Tate and his gumdrop cupcake! He picked that one!


Blowing out his candle!


MG...what a look! She loved her cupcake!

Now for some ice cream!

Amber, Tate, and Brian

Some good hugs before leaving! glad to see us all leave!


Tank said...

looks like a fun party! the babies are looking so grown up!

Amber said...

Love the pic of Hutch at the end - I'll have to get pics from you b/c I have about 10 and you have over 100 :)