Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Week

Well, we hit a mile stone this week...we no longer eat out! Yes, McKenzie lost it on Wednesday at Moe's. We eat out on Wednesdays after her preschool is over with two of our dear friends, Hi Hi and Lo Lo as MG calls them. This week was awful! For those of you who are around MG often you know that she can not only squeal like a pig but scream the loudest most blood curdling scream you have ever heard. These noises are never out of anger or a bad mood but rather, just because. As we were eating at Moe's on Wednesday, she started screaming...I mean screaming. The restaurant fell silent and I could feel every eye in the place boring in the back of my head. A few seconds later after McKenzie realized that she could silence the entire place, she screams again. I am terrified now. So what happens next, everyone but me and the two people we were having lunch with start to laugh. Well, that was all she needed for the screaming to continue. I quickly finished my lunch and we left. I am not sure how long the no eating out will last for, but it will for sure be a while.

This week McKenzie wore her first real set of pig tails! No more "half" pig tails. Her hair is long enough for real ones. I can't believe it. They are just two perfect little ringlets of curls. I just love them!

From the back!

MG has this thing as of this week...she no longer likes to have her picture all!

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Tank said...

Oh goodness! I bet it was hilarious hearing her scream. Maybe she'll snap out of it soon. And, at least spring is coming so you guys can do a picnic with your Moe's!