Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happenings in our Home

WOW!!!  Life has been like a crazy whirlwind these last few weeks.  I feel like it was just Halloween and now we are knocking on the door of Christmas.  Both of our poor boys have been sick since before Thanksgiving.  They have this sinus junk that they can't shake.  So they are currently on breathing treatments, Matthew 3 times a day and Landon twice a day.  There is an hour and half of my day right there, snuggling those sweet boys and doing treatments. 

McKenzie was in her first Christmas program at school.  She and one other girl from her class had speaking parts.  She got to talk into a microphone and was so excited about it.  When she was telling me about rehearsal one day on the way home from school she said, "Mom I get to talk into a real life microphone.  It's like my dream come true!"  It was so precious!  She did a great job with her one line!  I can't believe that this week will finish up her first half of her kindergarten year.  Time is flying by and seems to be picking up speed everyday.  McKenzie is a great help with Matthew.  She feeds him and plays with him.  She is just like a second mother, even mixes bottles for me!  She is growing up so fast too.  The end of November she lost her 1st tooth! 

Landon, when he is not attached to the breathing machine, loves to help me in the kitchen!  He is the best little helper in there.  He stirs and dumps stuff in, shakes, and mixes!  And, of course, he always gets to sample and taste!  He is so sweet and funny.  He loves Matthew but sometimes is a little too rough with him!  He has really taken an interest in trains lately and loves everything about them.

Matthew continues to hold his own as he continues to grow!  He is now 3 months and about to be in 9 month clothes.  Today, he wore Landon's Christmas outfit because it will not fit him next week.  It was a stretch today, literally!  He is such a good baby.  He only cries when he is really hungry!  He has been sleeping through the night very well.  I'm looking forward to starting him on cereal in a few weeks.  I can't wait to see how he likes it!


I love this picture!  Landon is playing right by Matthew and the blanket that Matthew is wearing Landon covered him with.  So sweet!

McKenzie's Play

Katie came to the play and brought McKenzie a rose!
MG lost her 1st tooth in November!  It was the bottom right.
Cooking with Mommy

Walt Disney World

The week of Thanksgiving we went to Walt Disney World! It was really fun! We did 3 parks in 3 days, and were totally exhausted! We left Matthew with my mom so we just had the older two. We drove back to my mom's house the day before Thanksgiving so we were all together there for the holiday. I wasn't going to miss Mathew's 1st Thanksgiving. We will probably never go to Disney again that week though because it was so crowded. The weather was perfect though, not too hot or too cold, just crowded!

Landon's reaction was the exact same for every character!!!

The light show was amazing!!