Sunday, April 28, 2013

McKenzie's Alphabet Parade

Friday, McKenzie had her alphabet parade at school. Every child was given a letter and they had to dress up as that letter and then they had a parade. It was super fun and the costumes were fantastic! McKenzie was given the letter Q. So, she dressed up as a queen. She has tons of princess dresses so at first she wanted to use her Cinderella dress as her "Queen" dress. However, after thinking about it longer she came to me and asked if she could wear the dress she wore in Uncle Steve and Aunt Maggie's wedding. So, that was the dress she decided on for her Queen dress and she looked adorable!
Walking in the parade right behind letter "P" Popcorn!
Her class
The Queen!

McKenzie's 5 Year Well Check

McKenzie had her 5 year well check last week and is doing great!  No shots... that was the best part!  She is healthy and growing like a little weed.  She is still very tall and full of life.  She loves to paint and do art projects and is very creative.  I had her conference at school and her teacher said she is doing great!  We are getting ready for kindergarten!  I can't even believe how fast the time is coming for that. 

McKenzie's Stats:
Weight: 45 lbs (81%)
Height: 46 1/2 inches (98%)

We are blessed with happy, healthy children!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Break - Destin, Florida

Last Sunday we left for the beach for Spring Break. We went to Destin and had a great time. McKenzie turned 5 on Tuesday the 9th and she was so excited to spend her real birthday at the beach! MG and LJ loved the sand. The water was freezing so we didn't get in but the sand was tons of fun and the pool was heated so that was nice. We can home on Thursday. It was a nice little vacation!

Donuts for breakfast on the balcony!
Daddy and Kenzie playing on the beach
McKenzie's sand crab she found!  He was very crabby so we let him go back to the ocean!
Birthday morning!  Just waking up!

Presents at the beach!

Birthday cake after lunch!
Cupcakes in the sand!  So sweet ladies we met on the beach found out it was McKenzie's birthday and bought her some cupcakes!  It was so precious! 

Playtime in the sand!

MG and her birthday banner!  Yes, I forgot tape so I used band aids to hold it up!
All MG wanted for dinner was Chick-Fil-A!
After CFA we went for ice cream and then to a fun park for some rides!

MG driving her own go-cart!  This was hilarious to watch!

Doc McKenzie

Last Saturday we celebrated McKenzie's 5th birthday! We had it at a jumping place in town. It was lots of fun and very easy. We can't believe she is 5!  McKenzie loves the show on Disney called Doc McStuffins so that is what her party theme was this year. 

Her cake was amazing both to look at and taste!
All ready for the party!  McKenzie with her Doc shirt and Landon wore Stuffy!

Band aid cookies

MG and her friend, Carson
Nana loved the jumpy toys!
Aunt Amber and Tucker
Nana and Aunt Maggie racing!
MG holding her newest cousin, Karlee
Pizza for lunch!


Saturday was Tucker's actual birthday!  I can't believe he is 2 already.  He loves Mickey Mouse we got him a Mickey cupcake and sang to him!  Love that boy so much!
Papa T and Aunt Amber
The birthday girl!!!

Air hockey!
A dress up wedding dress from Aunt Kim in Utah!
Pom Poms from Uncle Jeffrey in Norway!

Friday, April 5, 2013

McKenzie's Birthday Party at School

Today was McKenzie's birthday party at her school! Landon and I got to go in at snack time and take a cookie cake and gold fish. It was so fun! McKenzie was so excited! I can't believe she is about to be 5! How did that happen so quickly?

Since it was McKenzie's day to celebrate her birthday she got to wear the whale vest all day.  She is in the whale class and that means that she is the special helper of the day because she has the vest on!