Tuesday, April 2, 2013

McKenzie's Easter Party at the ELC

Last Thursday was McKenzie's Easter Party at her school. I, along with the two room moms was in charge of this party. It was a blast! Pinterest has made every party so easy! The kids at a snack and made a bunny craft out of their hand prints and then we had an egg hunt! Every child was looking for 12 eggs but every child had a list of specific eggs they were to collect. It made it way more fun and took much long than just saying, "Go get them!" All the kids were really excited and had a great time!
Here was the snack!  Inside the blue egg was an egg shaped PB&J sandwich, green egg was cucumbers, purple egg was M&Ms, Pink egg was ranch dressing, and orange egg was Mandarin oranges.  Then the last space was a strawberry dipped into white chocolate-dyed orange to look like a carrot!  The kids loved opening the eggs to see what was inside!

Let the Egg Hunt begin!

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