Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Steve and Maggie's House

Finally on Easter we got to Steve and Maggie's house! It is precious and needs to be in a magazine. Steve is almost done with all the painting and then the septic tank has to go in at some point. The floors and counter tops need to be finished and that is it!
The front- and on both sides you can park two cars under each roof area!

The drawer pulls are going to be bent horse shoes
The kitchen- the cupboards are painted yet. 

This is their bedroom-it is the prettiest color red!

These big barn doors lead back into the living room
Laundry room and closet


This is the prettiest shelf.  On one side it looks like this and hides the toilet and on the other side it looks like the picture below and the toilet it right there.  

Living room and kitchen-this room is going to be burnt orange

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