Sunday, April 28, 2013

McKenzie's Alphabet Parade

Friday, McKenzie had her alphabet parade at school. Every child was given a letter and they had to dress up as that letter and then they had a parade. It was super fun and the costumes were fantastic! McKenzie was given the letter Q. So, she dressed up as a queen. She has tons of princess dresses so at first she wanted to use her Cinderella dress as her "Queen" dress. However, after thinking about it longer she came to me and asked if she could wear the dress she wore in Uncle Steve and Aunt Maggie's wedding. So, that was the dress she decided on for her Queen dress and she looked adorable!
Walking in the parade right behind letter "P" Popcorn!
Her class
The Queen!

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Tank said...

I am happy MG is enjoying her last time at preschool. Can't wait to spend time with y'all soon.