Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Christmas Eve

Tonight is going to be out Christmas Eve! Jason and I are so excited! We have told Santa that we have to go out of town on Wednesday morning to begin our family travels. So, tonight hopefully Santa will remember to come early! McKenzie has been wanting and trying to open the presents under the tree and we keep stopping her. We are so excited to see her tomorrow when she finally can open them! It is going to be so much fun!

This year we will have Christmas first in Young Harris from Wed. - Fri. Then Christmas Day we will head to Madison for Christmas there. It is going to be a very exciting Christmas! Lost of visitors this year! Jeffrey will join us on Wednesday in Young Harris! We are so excited to see him after almost a year and a half! Then when we get to Madison, Bom and Boppa will be there from NY and The Harrisons are coming from UT! On the 29th, The O'shea family will come down! So much fun to see everyone! I just can't wait! This week is going to fly by!

Safe travels to all that are traveling this Christmas Season!

Merry Christmas!

MG and her new Vacuum

McKenzie loves this vacuum that she got for Christmas on Saturday. However, Baxter does not! She turns on her vacuum and chases him with it. The louder he barks the more she laughs! It is hilarious to watch! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas at G & G's

Yesterday we had Christmas at Granny and Granddaddy's house! It was so much fun! Everyone was there except our sweet, Jeffrey...however, he will be here in 3 days! The food was amazing as always. Granny is the best cook! These pictures are for you, Jeff to hold you over 3 more days until you too will be in them!

Yes, McKenzie had to take MG along...

...and rock her and rock her...

...and rock her!

Waiting at the door for more family to arrive!

Riding on Papa's back and laughing so hard!


Granny and Granddaddy's beautiful Christmas Tree

Olivia, Elizabeth (Andrew's girlfriend) and Andrew

McKenzie is so excited...this one is for her!

Here is the bow off of your present, Granddaddy!

Helping Grandaddy open his presents!

Now for my present!

It's a sing-along CD! My favorite! Thank you Uncle Kevin and Aunt Becky!

Now on to helping Grandaddy!

A screw driver set...just want I always wanted!

Aunt Becky and Uncle Kevin (Keith's brother)

Granddaddy and Granny

Now a really big one for MG from Granny and Granddaddy!


Please can we take it out of the box now?!

Out it comes!

Thomas and Jared...watching as the vacuum comes out of the box!

McKenzie realized that Granddaddy still had more to open...

Such a tired little McKenzie Grace!

Olivia is opening hers!


Vacuuming and talking!

More vacuuming!

Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...yes it makes noise!

Granny and Granddaddy!

Keith and Kathy

The Tree again

And us...however, I can't figure out why when this picture is uploaded to blogger it turns sideways. I have uploaded twice and both times...sideways. Does anyone know how to fix that? I really do love this picture of us!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Check the Ticker...

I just wanted everyone to look at the ticker on the side of our blog. Uncle Jeffrey will be home for Christmas in 4 days! We will get to see his super tan face on Wed. the 23rd! We are so excited! We are just praying that the weather will not delay his flights and he will get home on time!

Friday, December 18, 2009

McKenzie's Boy~ Thank You

Today, we ran out to Brock's house, McKenzie's "boy" friend. We did a quick present exchange and let. The weather today was awful and McKenzie and I are not feeling well, so I was not about to take her inside their house and get them sick too. So when we got home we opened our gifts. Please look below at what Brock and Braden gave McKenzie. It is the most precious thing you have ever seen! So sweet and so thoughtful! Today during McKenzie's nap she slept with it and when I checked on her she was using it as a pillow. So sweet! She just loves it! Thank you so much Brock and Braden!

Brock and McKenzie when we went to see Christmas light!

McKenzie is rocking her new bear, MG, that is what Brock named her!

McKenzie loves MG!

Isn't MG so cute! Look at her adorable elf outfit!

Brock's mom is so creative! She bought a recyclable bag for the bear to go
into and then puff painted McKenzie's monogram on it. Such a great idea Brooke!
We already have it in the car to take with us tomorrow!

Thank you to WI!

McKenzie loves her new shopping cart she got from my aunt and uncle in Wisconsin! She tried to put so much stuff in it and gets so mad when it all falls out! It is hilarious to watch her push this shopping cart! Thank you again, she loves it!

A Preschool Christmas

On Wednesday, McKenzie had her Preschool Christmas Party. It was so much fun as usual. Jason did not have to go to the office on Wednesday so he got to go with us. McKenzie was so excited when she saw us both there. It was so cute. Her little class is so sweet. They had a paper tree on the wall and it was decorated with ornaments that they made. They each made a snowman with their face as the snowman's face and an ornament shaped ornament with their picture in the center. Then they stamped on white bags and inside they made little snowmen candle holders out of baby food jars and their finger prints. Precious and Priceless! All the moms also got a snowman button made out of their finger prints. It was a really fun day! Needless to say after all that partying, MG was ready for a nap!

Look at this face!

Yes, McKenzie is the only one still eating!

Sweet Girl

The tree!

The bible verse on her picture!

The poem from her picture!

The entire picture

Looking at the tree with Da Da

Yum Yum...snack!

crazy girl

McKenzie and Kole



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