Friday, December 18, 2009

McKenzie's Boy~ Thank You

Today, we ran out to Brock's house, McKenzie's "boy" friend. We did a quick present exchange and let. The weather today was awful and McKenzie and I are not feeling well, so I was not about to take her inside their house and get them sick too. So when we got home we opened our gifts. Please look below at what Brock and Braden gave McKenzie. It is the most precious thing you have ever seen! So sweet and so thoughtful! Today during McKenzie's nap she slept with it and when I checked on her she was using it as a pillow. So sweet! She just loves it! Thank you so much Brock and Braden!

Brock and McKenzie when we went to see Christmas light!

McKenzie is rocking her new bear, MG, that is what Brock named her!

McKenzie loves MG!

Isn't MG so cute! Look at her adorable elf outfit!

Brock's mom is so creative! She bought a recyclable bag for the bear to go
into and then puff painted McKenzie's monogram on it. Such a great idea Brooke!
We already have it in the car to take with us tomorrow!

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