Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ho Ho Ho means No No No

Today Jason and I took McKenzie to Madison to see Santa. All the way there we asked her about Santa and what he says. She replies, "Ho Ho Ho!" She said "Please" when we asked if she wanted to see him and sit on his lap. So we get to Santa and Santa is not there yet. (We were the first appointment of the day!) So, Emily (the photographer) offers to take just some random pictures of McKenzie by the Christmas tree and sitting in Santa's big chair. She wanted nothing to do with it! It was too funny! When Santa arrived it only got worse. She looked at us like, you want me to sit on his lap! Then, smart Santa gives her a candy cane, she then is okay with him! In fact she was digging all through his candy cane basket getting out candy canes for everyone! I think there was a few smiles in there! We are very excited to see the pictures! Only time will tell! I think by next year she will really understand Christmas. However, it was a fun experience and we will have the pictures to "hunt" her in years to come!

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Tank said...

Hilarious. Can't wait to see the pictures and even more to see MG in person. Love ya'll!