Friday, December 18, 2009

A Preschool Christmas

On Wednesday, McKenzie had her Preschool Christmas Party. It was so much fun as usual. Jason did not have to go to the office on Wednesday so he got to go with us. McKenzie was so excited when she saw us both there. It was so cute. Her little class is so sweet. They had a paper tree on the wall and it was decorated with ornaments that they made. They each made a snowman with their face as the snowman's face and an ornament shaped ornament with their picture in the center. Then they stamped on white bags and inside they made little snowmen candle holders out of baby food jars and their finger prints. Precious and Priceless! All the moms also got a snowman button made out of their finger prints. It was a really fun day! Needless to say after all that partying, MG was ready for a nap!

Look at this face!

Yes, McKenzie is the only one still eating!

Sweet Girl

The tree!

The bible verse on her picture!

The poem from her picture!

The entire picture

Looking at the tree with Da Da

Yum Yum...snack!

crazy girl

McKenzie and Kole



This is so good!

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Tank said...

Glad y'all had fun at the party! Love y'all and see you this WEEK!!!