Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Landon's Bug

Landon has this big plastic bug that he carries around with him everywhere and puts it in things and then we find it all over the house.  On a first glance it will scare you every time.  Landon is also into closing the soap door when the dishwasher is open.  He will just come by and shut the door so when you go to start the dishwasher you have to open the soap door to put the soap in first.  Very routinely I was doing that the other day and when I opened up the soap door to put in the soap there was his bug.  I screamed!  It was hilarious!  Last weekend, Jason and I were in Greenville, SC for the George Strait concert and when he got his dress shoes out of the bag to put on for dinner he screamed.  I asked him what was wrong and in his shoe was Landon's bug!  So now we try to prepare ourselves for the bug to be anywhere!  It is quite funny!  :)

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Tank said...

That is hilarious! A prankster already.