Sunday, March 17, 2013

Very Behind...

Well I have gotten behind on the blogging and I am just trying to catch up! It has been a very busy few week with the stomach virus and being out of town.

Landon has turned 18 months old already. He is WALKING!!! He is everywhere and into everything! He is so fast and sneaky, I really have to watch him. We are all done with physical therapy and he has graduated from all of that! I can't believe how fast March is already passing and very soon we will have a 5 year old which I can't even believe!  Here are the stats from Landon's 18 month check up.

Weight: 24 lbs (23%)
Height: 34 inches (89%)
Head Circumference: 45 1/2 cm (4%)

McKenzie (18 Months)
Weight: 25 lbs (75%)
Height: 35 inches (95%)
Head Circumference: 47 3/4 cm (90%)

 Here are some pictures from what we have been up to this month so far!

Landon's first snow! It happened March 3rd and I'm so glad I took these pictures because it was all melted when we got home church! He didn't quite know what to make of it but his smile was so precious!

We had a play date with Allison, Jennifer, and little Katy this month!

Landon has discovered Baxter's crate.  He loves to get inside of it and shut the door.  I can remember McKenzie doing this too.  So funny!

Landon's favorite toys are still the pots and pans.  He drags them all over the house.  On this day, I found him with the frying pan in the dinning room and he was sitting in it!  He is hilarious!

McKenzie and Landon have really started to play well together.  He is finally old enough to really play but young enough to still do as she says!  (This is one of the many crafts that MG is wearing on her head that she has made!)

The other day I was making cookies and the phone rang.  When I came back into the kitchen this is what I found!  McKenzie, my very special helper had taken over and was making all the cookie dough balls for me!  She did a great job too!

This was taken before church this morning.  March 17th, St. Patrick's Day!

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Tank said...

Such great pictures. Thanks for the update! Lots of love from Uncle Jeffrey