Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Morgan Kate or Nobody

McKenzie is just absolutely, 100% sure that our new baby will be a girl.  She says she already has one brother and that is enough.  The other morning Jason and McKenzie were having breakfast together and she told Jason that if the baby is a girl we are going to name her Morgan Kate.  We have not even discussed names yet, but she is sure that will be the name if it's a girl.  Then Jason asks, "Well what if it's a boy?"  McKenzie's response..."Then we name him Nobody.  Like this Daddy, Nobody come on it's time to go."  Well needless to say we just died laughing and we have decided to no find out what this baby is either so hopefully we can have a name better than Nobody if we have another little boy! 

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Tank said...

Hilarious! Only MG!