Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Happy Easter everyone...a few days late! This year for Easter we went to Brian and Amber's house. We went up on Friday night and spent the night. Mom came up on Friday also. Dad had the stomach flu and stayed home. Steve also did not come because he had to work. Friday night, Brian, Amber, Jason, and I went to the Good Friday Concert in Atlanta! It was AWESOME! I will blog about that later! Saturday morning Brian thought he should take Jason and I to his gym to work up out! What a mistake! My body is still sore from that. However, the gym that Brian works at is SO nice. It was not like any gym I have ever been in. Really up town! There was a little picture of Brian on the wall and a little information telling about him. I read the entire thing of course! I am so proud of him! After the gym, MG and Tate hunted for their eggs and we had a really great lunch. Then everyone split for home so we were all home on Easter Sunday.
We went to our church and came home and let MG take her nap. Then we headed to Cracker Barrel for dinner. It was a very fun, stress free kind of day! And the best news is...He is Risen!

Oh, how they love each other!

Eating plastic ice cream in Tate's kitchen!

Playin' around

Tate found one!

Nana with her babies!


This was the bunny bread that I made. When I was loading the car, MG got on the chair and knocked it onto the floor. When I came back into the house she says to me, "Ba Ba eat, Ba Ba eat!" So yes, Baxter ate our bread. I had to bring it along to show everyone though. I could have really just cried!

Tate and MG on the riding toys. I know MG's hair looks like 1985 but really Tate had just pulled it!

Easter morning before Church

The Easter Bunny came after nap time!

She was so happy!

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Tank said...

looks like y'all had a wonderful easter! love y'all so much. MG is so beautiful!