Tuesday, April 13, 2010

McKenzie's 2 Year Check Up and Time Out

This morning I took MG to the see Dr. Daulphin. That is her doctor. We had to go for her 2 year check up! Everything is right on track! McKenzie is 36 inches tall (3 feet!!) (95%) and weighs 27 pounds (50%)! She is growing right up and developmentally right on target also! We are so thankful for a healthy little girl! No shots needed today either, so it was a great day with Dr. Daulphin!

Yesterday, when I picked up MG from school her teacher meet me at the door and said, "McKenzie is in a mood today. She kept breaking off the baby doll's legs." So, I apologized and we left. On our way to the car MG says, "I time out today." I asked her, "Why"? She said, "I break doll legs." She was smiling and laughing about it just like she had done something great! Poor MG was in rare form yesterday. All the partying this weekend must have finally caught up to her. Today is a much better day!

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