Thursday, April 22, 2010

Supper Club Softball

Last Tuesday after we ate dinner, MG decided that she wanted to learn how to play softball. She can throw the ball pretty good. She started off with Jason helping her swing and Lobello was the pitcher.

It was not long before she thought she could do it all by herself! But, she kept missing the ball and that lead to these faces! Priceless!

One more attempt at the ball...

then more crying and frustration.

Finally, McKenzie decided that the tee was okay to hit off of. She realized that she does not need to be a slugger just yet, so the tee was just fine!

And...she hit it!!!


and again...

and again!

1 comment:

Tank said...

she'll be playing tee ball before we know it! those pictures are great. thanks for always keeping me up to date Meg!