Sunday, April 18, 2010

The "Big Girl" Room

About a month ago Jason and I went shopping for McKenzie's "Big Girl" furniture. When we did our nursery for her, we of course had no idea if she was a boy or girl. So we just have a gender neutral nursery. Jason and I decided that the nursery will always be the nursery. So it has been really fun looking for little girl bedding and furniture. We placed the order several weeks ago on the furniture and have just been waiting for it. The company called on Tuesday and said that it would be here this Friday. I wanted to go ahead and paint it before the furniture was brought in so Wednesday and Thursday I painted pale, pale pink. The color is actually called strawberry yogurt! I finally got all the bedding on the bed and got it finished up today. However, there are no decorations you just have to over look the bare walls. I am not sure what will go on the walls yet. Any ideas? McKenzie will not be moving into her room just yet. I just wanted to get it all ready so that when the time comes and we need the nursery again that she does not feel like she is getting kicked out of her room for someone else to take it over. She will be moved and settled into her "Big Girl" room before then! (NO-I am not pregnant!) McKenzie loves her new room though. She loves the color and will tell you "Mommy painted pink!" It is so sweet! I love it and I am looking forward to getting things on the walls!
Looking in from the hall




Amber said...

I like the wall color a lot!!

Tank said...

looks good Meg! She'll be ready for her new room before you know it!