Monday, April 12, 2010

McKenzie's Ladybug Party

Saturday we celebrated McKenzie's 2nd birthday with our families and closest friends! It was a ladybug themed party and so much fun! The weather was absolutely gorgeous. It was a bout 75 degrees and sunny all day! The party started at 11 with hamburgers for lunch and then cake and presents to follow. After all that the party migrated to our neighbor's trampoline and then back to our backyard for a baseball game! McKenzie had a blast! However, she was so exhausted from the day that she is still trying to catch up on her sleep! We just can't believe that she is 2! The baseball game

Daddy's up!


Hi Hi

Uncle Steve and Tate

Kenzie and Tate

The whole gang!

Brock leaving with his and Braden's pails!

MG passing out her pails

I made magnets for everyone and Jason Backus (he took all the pics at the party) put the magnet next to the flowers in the yard! Too funny!


The Birthday Girl!

Tate painted this picture just for MG's party!

She loved all the gifts she got!

I love this picture! (She looks homeless and down on her luck!)

McKenzie hugging her man-Brock!

Papa Norton and MG

Papa Norton and Tate

McKenzie's pinwheel

MG after her cupcake

Sweet Hattie looking out the window

MG's magnets

Brock playing

Tate and his cupcake

I'm 2!

Kenzie liked her cupcake

Yum! Yum!

Make a wish...

Look at that candle...a 2!

Meredith and McKenzie

Uncle Jared, McKenzie, and Papa Norton

Hattie running for cake!

Aunt Amber, Tate, and Nana

Lunch time at the kid's table! (Brock, MG, Tate, and Hattie)

Jason (the photographer) and his son, Joshua

UB, Uncle Marty, Uncle Steve, Papa T, and Grandaddy

Mommy and McKenzie

Checking out the ladybug ornament from Katie!

Look at how cut this bucket on wheels is! Brooke painted it! (Brock and Braden's Mommy)

Ladybug Appettizers

Jason and Grandaddy Grilling

Brad, Braden, Brock, and McKenzie sitting on the bench Papa Norton made!

MG in the sand


McKenzie talking to Nana

Oreo Ladybugs

The Ladybug Cake

Ladybug Cupcakes

Ladybug cupcakes on the stand

Our Little Lady

She wore her tutu for a little while

MG's Pinwheel

Ladybug flower pots!



Laura said...

Looks like McKenzie had a great 2nd birthday! I love all the ladybug decorations. McKenzie looks adorable in her birthday outfits too!

Tank said...

Megan! You went all out above and beyond! You are so creative. It looks like a wonderful party. I am so sad I missed it. I hope you are taking some time off to recover this week!

Sara Susy Bob said...

Megan, this is too sweet. You are my birthday party planner inspiration. Love them! Many thanks to Amber for linking over to your blog. McKenzie has gotten so very BIG. What a cutie!!