Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Doll House

McKenzie has gotten into dolls big time lately. She rocks them, cooks in her kitchen and feeds them, pushes them all over the house and says she is going to Wal-Mart with them, and even bathes them. She is such a great little mom! Well for Christmas she got this doll house. She loves her doll house. The doll house came with a family of a Mom, Dad, and twin babies- one boy and one girl. McKenzie was playing in her doll house yesterday with Jason and she became really upset. She discovered that her babies did not have beds to sleep in. (This doll house is one that you furnish the rooms one set at a time, it did not all come together.) So we took her yesterday to Toy R Us and bought her the nursery set so that her babies would have beds. She was so excited! However, the cribs that it came with have plastic blankets built in to the beds. They are not the kind of blankets that come out and you can actually cover the babies up. McKenzie was not satisfied with that. She wanted her babies covered up so that they would not be cold. Here was her solution all on her own!

She went to her drawer and got a blanket out and just covered up the entire dool house starting with the cribs on the top! Too funny!

Up close- the cribs are covered up and the babies are warm!

Random Cute Pictures

McKenzie watching Mickey in our bed!

Driving to Wal-Mart

Before church today...she wanted to wear her hat from Uncle Jeffrey!

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Tank said...

so sweet. Love u Kenzie! Looks like you are really taking care of your babies. See u in the summer!