Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bye Bye Pacies...Hello La La

I decided yesterday morning that McKenzie no longer needed her pacifiers. She is almost 2 1/2 and that is just getting too old. Jason and I have been talking about taking this away for a long time but we wanted to wait until after our trip to Florida to do it. She has only gotten to have them in the car and in her crib since she was 11 months old, but still she is getting too old for them period. I have talked to lots of people and everyone says you have to do it cold turkey. So that is what I did. I took them all our of her crib yesterday after she got up and out of the car. She has not had them since. Last night was a bit rough and she cried for them and wanted them but I just explained to her that she was a big girl and other little babies needed her pacifiers now. So today, I took her to the mall along with Jeffrey! We went to Build-A-Bear and MG got to do it all. She picked out whatever bear she wanted, a pink one! Then we choose some pajamas for her and slippers. We stuffed her, and bathed her, dressed her and bathed her again! McKenzie was so excited about this bear! When it came time to name her we could not think of a name. Then...the brilliant Jeffrey came up with La La! La La means sleep in Swahili! Swahili is the language that Jeffrey spoke while he was in Africa for two years! It made perfect sense. We came to Build-A-Bear to make a bear for McKenzie to sleep with instead of her pacifiers! So La La is for sure the perfect name! Tonight was not as bad as last night but still a little rough. I know that in time the want for them will go away. I am so proud of her though. She LOVED those pacifiers and knew when one was missing and what color the missing one was. I knew that it would be hard and that she would ask for them, but she is doing a really great job! She loves that idea of a new bear and loves it when I tell her that she is a big girl! However, this whole mile stone has been very hard for me. She no longer wears diapers and now she is done with pacifiers. She is just growing up way too quickly for my liking!

Uncle Jeffrey and MG choosing a shell to stuff!

Stuff it!

MG kissed the heart and placed it in so her bear could be sewed up. Then she wanted the heart back...that was a fun one to try to explain!

Next was the bath!

McKenzie loved the bath part! She has to give her bear 3 total!

MG and her sweet La La with her Hello Kitty PJ's!

The name game...La La! The perfect name for the perfect bear!

One more bath after she was all dressed!

MG and La La on the way home!

When we got home we made a strawberry and a chocolate cake! MG loved the strawberry batter!

The chocolate cake... 15 layer cake! This is Jeff's favorite cake! I love having him here to cook for!

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