Monday, August 16, 2010

Auntie Amber's Birthday Bash

This past Saturday we went to Brian and Amber's house to celebrate Amber's birthday that is actually next Saturday the 21st. We were all together and had a wonderful time! They had an expo called Touch A Truck going on near them so we took the kids. It was the neatest thing. There were tons and tons of truck, campers, fire trucks, tractors, big rigs, all kinds of vehicles and they were all on display for the kids to crawl through and blow the horns and pretend drive. It was really fun! Tate and McKenzie loved it. After that we went back to Amber's house and had lunch and then Mom, Amber, and I went shopping at the outlets for a little while and the men stayed with the kids. For dinner that night we had chicken on the grill and celebrated Amber's birthday! I am just so lucky to have such an amazing sister-in-law and MG such an outstanding aunt! It was so much fun to celebrate her and hang out with everyone. It was a great weekend!

The pink John Deere!

Papa T checking out the pink tractor with two seats! I think he needs to paint one of his pink!

Tate on the green one!

MG running in the back of a big rig!

Kenzie and Nana on the trolley

Precious Tate taking it all in!

They had a fun bus set up where the kids could play inside and then slide back out to the waiting parents!

McKenzie in a fire truck! She got two gloves out of this deal!

The train!

Auntie Amber and her girl with gloves!

The Smart car! Papa T and Nana's next date car!

Nana, Tate, and McKenzie dancing to the music video!

Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday Aunt Amber!

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Tank said...

Glad y'all had fun!