Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturdays in September

Our town does this thing every September called Saturdays in September. It is just different activities to bring out the people of the town and to hang out and have a good time. Yesterday it was Touch A Truck, a craft show, and different businesses advertising at the Court House parking lot. The Touch A Truck was not near as big as the one we did with Tate a few blogs back. This one was mostly Police vehicles and SWAT Team trucks. However, MG loved crawling all through them. Jason was rafting and camping this weekend with church so my friend Katie went with us. We had a wonderful time! It was a great outing and very fun to hang out in the community. Here are some pictures that we took!
Waiting in line to ride the fire truck train!
All McKenzie wanted was a sucker and Katie found her a really big one. It kept her entertained for 2 hours! MG is holding Doc Broc. It is a Broccoli doll dressed up as a doctor. Too funny!

On the fire truck train!

Sittin' in a police car...hopefully the only time this will happen!

In the back of the prisoner transport vehicle. It is a scary place in there.

All MG wanted to do was drive this simulated car. She ended her turn with a collision! I guess that was expected from a 2 year old! She loved it though!

Inside the SWAT Tank

The Real Fire Truck

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Tank said...

glad y'all had fun! I am sure MG will never end up in the police car! haha.