Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Uncle Steve's Birthday

Sunday was Steve's 27th birthday! We all went to celebrate for the day. It was so fun to all be together. The kids all love to play with each other. It is very busy but these are the days!

Look at Tucker, he doesn't want to miss one drop!

Auntie Amber with Land Man

Nana with Landon and Tucker

I love Tucks face in this picture! It looks just like he is about to say something!

Can you guess who blew out the candles?

So, we had to light them again!

Love him! Sweet Tuck!

Hanging out with the birthday boy!

Uncle Steve! Look close at this is so funny...Tate has his eyes closed on purpose, MG has her mouth opened on purpose and Tucker is puling Landon's ear!

Maggie and Steve

Love this face!

So handsome!

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