Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nana and Papa T's Christmas

It was so much being at the farm for Christmas! There is never a dull moment there with 4 children under 5! Wow! It is busy! However, these four cousins love each other so much! They get wild and crazy but then they play together to nicely. When it time to go they hug each other so tight. I just love to see them interact. Dad seems to be feeling a bit better also after his knee surgery in November. Steve and Maggie came over and it is always great to hang out with them. It was just a great Christmas!
Tucker and Landon sharing a snack

This is what Landon did all during presents.  He vacuumed under the stove!
Steve and Maggie found the perfect screen door for Mom.  She has wanted an old screen door for a long time!  She was beyond excited!

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