Monday, December 19, 2011

McKenzie's School Christmas Party

Friday, was McKenzie's Christmas party at her preschool. It was really fun! They decorated upside down sugar cones with green frosting and then placed all kinds of candy on them and they were decorated Christmas trees. They also made ornaments with their pictures in the middle and played snowman bowling. Super cute! Here are a few pictures from the day!


This was amazing to me and very scary at the same time. Please notice how each stocking is painted. McKenzie's is the one on the far left. I think I have my hands full!

Making her Christmas tree!

Her teachers Mrs. Ritchie (in the blue) and Mrs. Shadix (in the green)

Mrs. Ritchie

Melting snowman cookies...adorable!

McKenzie and Kole...they have been together for 3 years!

McKenzie and Colton...have been together the last two years!

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