Thursday, January 5, 2012

Landon is 4 Months Old

Sunday, Landon turned 4 months old! I can't even believe it! He is such a complete joy! He loves to roll all around on his mat. He rolls over both ways now which is really fun to watch. He always has a look of surprise on his face when he does it! He now also likes to be upright and sits in the jumper. Sitting up is helping his flat little head in the back. He is still sleeping from about 9:00-6:30. It still amazes me! He has also found his feet and plays with them all the time. It is so cute! He is so laid back and go with the flow! McKenzie is still such an excellent big sister. She helps him out so much!

She loves to read t him! It is so sweet!

Landon in his penguin hat and puffy jacket!

He loves rolling around!

Hangin' out!

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Tank said...

Time is flying by, can't wait to see the little guy and MG again soon.