Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Tooth Fairy and The Farm

Hey everyone! We hope that you all have a great week and weekend. We have! Our weekend was low key and lots of fun! McKenzie is getting teeth...lots of teeth at one time. Monday night she went to bed with 3 teeth. She woke up twice in the night crying so I gave her a bottle both times. She did not drink much either time and went back to sleep. Tuesday McKenzie and I ran to the mall to do some shopping and we were eating lunch at the food court. I left her in her stroller while I fed her her lunch. As I was looking into her mouth she had 2 more bottom teeth and one more top tooth. She now has 6. So Monday night I put her to bed with 3 teeth and she woke up with 6! I guess it was the tooth fairy that kept waking our precious angel up! Now she is cutting number 7, the third one on top! So she is about to go from having two bottom teeth to having a mouth full! She continues to squeal and be full of life despite all the pain that must be in her mouth.
Last weekend when I was in Madison McKenzie and I visited Uncle Steve's house. Uncle Steve has lots of animals at his house, a mini farm if you will. McKenzie has not seen many animals. So, Uncle Steve's house was so much fun for her. She got to pet horses and a rooster. She got to see chickens and a kitten as well. She was so excited. She loves animals! She is not afraid of them at all. She squealed and laughed at the horses and thought they were just great. McKenzie even sat down in a dirt pile and played for a while in the grass around her. These were all firsts for her. She had never seen such big animals or sat in the dirt and played. It was a very exciting time for her and I think Uncle Steve loved showing her all the animals just as must as she loved seeing them! Here are some of the pictures from Uncle Steve's house!

McKenzie and Uncle Steve looking a the horses

I love this picture! Just looking out in the pasture!

Playing in the grass for the first time!

Steve and the Rooster Jupiter

McKenzie was so mad we put her in the wheelbarrow

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Tank said...

That is great that McKenzie is loving animals. It looks like she had a fun time at Uncle Steve's. You better tell Sidda that she loves animals! I hope you guys have a blast in the mountains. I love u guys!