Monday, February 9, 2009

10 Months and New Pictures

Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! McKenzie Grace is 10 months old today! We can't even believe it! We are only two months away from a 1st birthday! Today is a special day because it is not only McKenzie's 10 month birthday but it is also Great Papa Jay and Great Granny's birthdays also! (My grandpa and Jason's grandma have the same!)

McKenzie is growing, growing! She cut her 3rd tooth on Saturday. It is the top right. She is not crawling as much anymore. Now she pulls up and walks along the walls, furniture, or her toys. She is not quite ready to walk without holding onto something but it will not be long before she is. She continues to be such a happy little girl. She is still squealing like a little pig when she gets excited! Her new trick is throwing her food on the floor from her highchair tray when she is full. Baxter of course is right there to scoop it up and loves every minute of it. McKenzie thinks it is very funny to watch him eat the food that she is supposed to be eating. She often claps and squeals for him! McKenzie also thinks that she can pull up and hold onto Baxter. He lets her for a while and then walks away and she falls down and claps. She has begun to say Ma Ma Ma Ma a lot. She is not associating it with me yet though. I am hoping it will not be long!

We have two play dates this week. We love play dates and are super excited! On Thursday we will be playing with Brock and on Friday with Hattie! It is great for McKenzie to have other children to play with instead of just me all the time. It is also great for me to have an adult to talk to instead of just McKenzie and Baxter during the day!

Below are McKenzie's 9 month pictures. I just got the CD yesterday so here they are! We are so excited about them! We hope you enjoy! She is getting so big!

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Blake W said...

Great pictures, I miss my nieces! The youngest one, Holly Grace, will be nine months old next week.