Tuesday, November 10, 2009

19 Months

Yesterday, out little MG turned 19 months! We just can't believe it! She can do so much now and is still into everything! Her newest trick is she loves to play like she is asleep. She will tell us night night and then close her eyes as if she is asleep. Too funny! She still loves to feed her babies and play with them. She is very into helping with everything. She loves to stand on the chair and help mix, pour, and stir. Anything around the house that we do, she wants to do too! It is so fun to watch her little mind tick and see her face light up when she can do it! Potty training is still off for now. She wants absolutely nothing to do with it. She had us fooled but time! McKenzie still loves school and gets so excited when she get to go.

Today, McKenzie has her very first ponytail! Her little hair is just long enough to all be pulled up! I can't believe it! It was quite a struggle to do it but it looks so cute all done! Here is little MG today!

Side view!

From the front

Look how curly! I love it!

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Tank said...

Happy 19 months! I always think of Kenzie on the ninth. Thanks for the post Meg! Give Kenzie my love. See you next month!