Monday, November 16, 2009

4 Hands

Today on the way home from Preschool McKenzie wanted her pacifier out of the seat pocket in front of her. She is so smart! She took off her shoes, which she does all the time in the car and reached her pacifiers with her feet. She manages to dig them out of the pocket and hold two pacifiers between her two feet at one time. She brought her legs up to her body and grabbed them with her hands and put them in her mouth! Yes, she put them both in her mouth at once! She was so excited she could do it, they both needed to go into her mouth. I was totally amazed that she figured all of that out in her head and then really went through with her plan. (On second thought, I guess that is pretty gross but, I was totally impressed!) Every day she does something else to amaze us! She is just so much fun!

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