Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eventful Week

Hey everyone! What an eventful week it has been here! It all started with preschool on Monday! McKenzie loves preschool! It has been such a great thing for her as she has learned now that Mommy is always coming back for her and she can play and have a good time. She loves to go and is so tired when I pick her up. So, I know she is playing hard! Tuesday morning when I got McKenzie out of her crib I noticed that she was shaking. She asks for her juice for breakfast now so when I gave it to her she drank it all down and the shaking stopped. It freaked me out. McKenzie has also been waking up in the night asking for water, she is so thirsty. So I give her some water and she goes right back to sleep. However, Tuesday was the first day of shaking ever. So, I called her doctor on Wed. to ask about it and they wanted to see her to test her sugar. Of course we were a nervous wreck waiting for the results. However, technology today is so amazing and we knew the results right away and did not have to wait days. Thank God, she is just fine. The doctor said that she had probably not gotten enough to eat for dinner the night before and it had just been too long for her little since she had eaten. McKenzie is going through this phase where she will eat a bite of this and a bite of that and that is it. It drives me crazy but her doctor says it is perfectly normal. Wednesday afternoon, after preschool and after the doctor, McKenzie gets upstairs and into the bathroom. I was upstairs with her but she loves to shut doors now. So, she shut the bathroom door and then opened the cabinet drawer right behind it. So, I could not get in and she could not get out until she figured out to shut the drawer. I was freaking out. It is the only set of cabinets in our house that does not have the child safety latch on it. Of course, the cabinet is full of cleaning supplies too! So, I could see though the crack in the door and in the reflection of the mirror I could see her. It was a very stressful 5 minutes. I just kept telling her to shut the drawer and eventually she did. What a day! Thursday we stayed home and got things done around the house. Friday I went to the outlets with my friend Lobello all day and Jason watch McKenzie. It was such a nice break and a really fun to just get out and about with a friend and not have to worry about a stroller! It was a busy week for us and this week is looking busy too. It is getting to be that crazy time of year!

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