Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

What a super fun day! McKenzie's Grandma and Papa Norton spent the night last night so they were here for some of Halloween! It was really fun because Jason and I got to have a date last night! We went to eat and then went Christmas shopping for McKenzie. It was so much fun! McKenzie likes to go next door to our neighbor's house to play on their playground all the time. The slide is her favorite but it is too big for her right now. She cannot climb up to get to the top. We found this slide last night shopping and she loves it! So McKenzie was a butterfly tonight for Halloween! She loved her costume and is still Ta-Daing when she puts it on. She was a little hesitant at first but when she saw all the other kids dressed she was all about it. We only went to 5 of the houses on our street . The weather was awful tonight. We were supposed to go to church but it was 55 degrees and raining outside. McKenzie was just as happy with the 5 houses! When we got to a house, Jason or I would knock and then she would press her face on the glass and look in. When they came to the door she would smile and say please and then sign thank you and say bye bye! So precious! It was so much fun! She loved it! She did not want to hold our hands walking, she had to do it all herself. We got to one house and she did not have her bag, we had to back track and found it in a muddy puddle! She did not care, it was even more fun that it was wet! It was a great night and we all had an awesome time!

Potty Training Update:

McKenzie has been doing awesome with potty training!!! Yesterday she had one wet diaper all day, the rest was all in her little potty! Today was the same! No poo poo in the potty yet, that is still in the diaper, however, she is doing awesome with pee pee! We are so proud of how fast she is catching on to this! I hope that diapers are a thing of the past soon!

Enjoy the pictures of Halloween today that follow!

Loving her new slide!

Look at this face!


Rest time...

More frosting please...she was eating the frosting I made
for a cake.

The Pumpkin Cake!

Our little butterfly all ready to go Trick or Treating!

Her wings!

Mommy and Kenzie

Walking to our first house!

Dropped her bag!

Stopping to check out the wet sidewalk!

Gotta touch it, it's wet!

Daddy and Kenzie

Us at the neighbor's Halloween Party!

McKenzie playing with the kitchen at the neighbor's house

She loves the kitchen!

When we got home she wanted to eat her sucker out of her bag!

Daddy opening the sucker!

Then Daddy had to have one too!

Sticky face!

She can't figure out how to swing her other leg around!
It is so funny to watch! She had to slide a few more times before her bath!


Then...there was a knock on the door and...
Jon and Kate and Hailey showed up!
Our funny!

The Jon and Kate interview on the love seat!!!


Tank said...

that post was hilarious! McKenzie looks so great. thanks for keeping me so up to date over here. i even was able to carve a pumpkin last night in kenya. hah! see you guys sooo soon, but not soon enough!

Amber said...

So sweet - I bet she racked up at Toys R Us :) Love the neighbors' costumes, too funny!