Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today Jason's cousin, Karen, came to put up the new curtains that she made for our house! They look so good. Karen does such amazing work! There is a very funny story about today though. McKenzie's playroom curtains had to be hung on a rod that I bought a long, long time ago. Karen was taking it out of the box and I went to the basement to get the ladder. When I returned she was ready to start hanging them up. However, the braces to hold the rod were missing. Karen and I looked all over the playroom and downstairs of the house for over 30 minutes and we could not find them anywhere. Karen decided at that point that she would start in the office instead of the playroom and hopefully they would turn up. So, as she is hanging the curtains in the office I keep looking for the braces. I asked McKenzie if she has seen them. She of course, just looked at me and smiled. I turned the playroom upside down looking for those braces and nothing. Finally I said to Karen, I really do not think they are in the playroom any longer. I thought I was losing my mind. I opened up all the drawers in the kitchen that McKenzie likes to open and put things in, I looked in all her hiding places and nothing. Karen had to throw away some string and opened the kitchen trash and guess what? There, in the bottom of the trash can were the three missing braces! McKenzie had thrown them out! She is so fast. Who knows what is already in the landfill that should not be because of her love for throwing things in the trash! It was too funny! We knew that she had to have put them somewhere. It was just a matter of finding out where! Thank God we did!

Bathroom curtains (toilet room)

Close up of bathroom curtains

Bathroom curtains

The office


McKenzie's Playroom

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