Thursday, October 15, 2009

4 Years Ago Today...

Was the most beautiful, fall day in Madison. It was warm and perfect, much of an opposite of the weather here today (cold and rainy). Why do I remember the weather from one day four years ago? Today was the day I was the bride! Jason and I got married four years ago today! We took a wonderful trip to Hawaii to celebrate! Jason however is out of town tonight. He is on a business trip all week in KC where his home office is located. I called him tonight and ask him what he was doing and he said sitting at the airport. He is not supposed to land until tomorrow night at 6:30. His meetings were all over today so he was trying to catch the first flight home to surprise me for our anniversary. How sweet is that? I love him! Anyways, he just now departed for home around 9:30 pm. So needless to say, he has been delayed and is not a happy camper! But, so sweet that he wanted to be home with Kenzie and I. Jason and I have gotten to go so many amazing places since we have been married. He works very hard to earn all these trips that we get to go on. Never did I imagine when we got married that we would be able to travel the world, build our dream house and sell it 8 months later, move into a new house, have a beautiful daughter, and me be able to raise her at home all in 4 years! Our life together has been amazing! I truly believe that God made us for each other. The first time I ever saw Jason at Young Harris College, I told my roommate that was the guy I was going to marry...and it was!

Tonight was a great night! Katie and Lobello called me and asked if they could take me out to dinner for my anniversary since Jason was out of town! So sweet and so thoughtful! So we girls went out to eat, McKenzie too! It was so much fun! Not the way you would typically celebrate your anniversary but it was a great time. Jason and I have the best friends. They are always so thoughtful and yes these two girls were both with me 4 years ago today in blue dresses standing in the front of the church cheering us on! We love you girls!

Happy Anniversary Love! I love you!


Laura said...

Happy Anniversary Megan and Jason! Time flies, doesn't it? I will always remember your wedding since that's where Rob and I were when we got "the call" to let us know we were going to be parents for the first time! Happy four years!!!

Tank said...

Happy late Anniversary! Praise the Lord for all He has done in your lives these past four years. I am honored to get to watch His plan for your lives unfold! I love y'all.