Sunday, October 25, 2009

Playin' in the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we met Brian, Amber, and Tate at the pumpkin patch! It was so cold outside and just as we there it began to rain. The pumpkin patch was not a very good one but it was still tons of fun! It was so good to see little Tate. We have not seen them since August. Way too long! Tate and McKenzie each picked their own pumpkin! Tate threw his back on the ground and did not want it. McKenzie came home with her pumpkin! After the patch we had a really fun lunch together at Chick-Fil-A and then parted ways for home. After getting back to town we decided to stop by a local pumpkin patch right down the road and it was awesome! We got our big pumpkin there!

Kissing bye bye

The little lion who hates his mane!

Moo...that is what they both kept saying!

Tate can drink from a straw! However, yesterday

he learned that if you blow into the straw

it makes bubbles in your drink! Smart kid!

The Nortons

The Lambs

Checkin' out each other's pumpkin!

Our very own pumpkins!

Talking about their decision!

This one!

Da Da and Kenzie in the patch

The patch!

Tate...come on...leave the donkey so we can pick out a pumpkin!

Tate liked the donkey best!

Looking at the donkey

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