Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Party...Preschool Style

Today was McKenzie's Preschool Halloween Party! It was so much fun! They made little place mats for the table. The place mats were one big pumpkin in the middle and then several little thumb print pumpkins. The thumb prints were in orange and then they had little stems on them. The place mat also had their picture on it and it said McKenzie's Thumbkin Patch! So sweet! The little kids had snack and played and then it was time to go home. Their room is very cute and had lots of different toys in it. McKenzie loves to go to school. Since there are only 4 in her class including her and two teachers she gets lots of attention! It was really fun for her to have me at her school. She kept looking at me like, what are you doing here?! Daddy had to work and was very sad to miss it. However, no dads came today anyway, only moms so she was not the odd ball out!

MG sportin' her Halloween hair bow from
Auntie cute! It has a ghost she
sewed on it! She is amazing!


More snack...

Place precious!

The food!

Sitting next to her pumpkin at home

One more time...she loves to sit next to her pumpkin!

After her party we went to Moe's for lunch! MG loves
Moe's! When we order she tells the guy she wants a
Moo Moo! It is so funny! A Moo Moo Mr. Cow is the
kids burrito!

Yum! Yum! Yummy!

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Tank said...

I am so glad she is loving school. That is a small class! I want to go to Moe's with you all when I come home and hear her order her Moo Moo! hahaha. Love y'all.