Thursday, October 22, 2009

My little helper

McKenzie is very helpful these days! She wants to do everything that I am doing! So her latest chore is helping me unload the dishwasher. I open the door and she goes straight to the silverware and takes it all out. She holds as much in her hands as she can! Then she opens up the silverware drawer and throws it all in a pile. I have to very quickly sort it out because when she is done she wants to slam the drawer shut! It is so cute. Then we move onto the plates. I stand at the plate cupboard and she brings me one plate a time and I put them away! Yes, it takes forever, but it is really fun to watch her face and I praise her for her good work. She also loves to throw things in the trash and put her diapers in her diaper champ. She is really funny and growing up so fast!

Throwing everything into the drawer

Back to the dishwasher for more...

Now putting it away

And...a few off the floor...never hurt anyone!

McKenzie...where is your hat?

Oh Baxter's bowl!

Playing outside with Baxter before throwing her hat in his bowl!


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Tank said...

Karen is so talented! That story is hilarious. McKenzie looks absolutely gorgeous in her little black and white coat. I cannot wait to see her!!