Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carvin'

Yesterday after we left the pumpkin patch with Brian, Amber, and Tate we went to a local pumpkin patch and got this pumpkin! It was the perfect pumpkin to carve...and carve we did! McKenzie was a little hesitant at first but soon she wanted her hands in the guts of the pumpkin too! She even tasted it! Then when it was all finished she had to go outside in her pajamas to see the finished product all lit up! The pictures tell a much better story than I can so enjoy!

The pumpkin

The seeds...we baked them!

McKenzie...sleeves up and diggin' in!

Who needs a spoon?

Looking inside!

I got some seeds, Da Da!

One seed is stuck to my hand!

Da Da do...

...and Kenzie help!

Pumpkin guts!

I think I will try some!

Oh yeah!

A little more... does this top fit on here?

Still messin' with the top...can't get it just right!

Almost....(Look at that Nana tongue!)

Ta-Da! Finished product! Great job
Kenzie and Da Da! Your pumpkin
looks great!

Who is that in the wreath?

And...a quick rock on the porch after looking at her
pumpkin all lit up!
Notice...she is wearing Crocs with her PJs! That
was not done just to come outside!
McKenzie LOVES shoes and likes to wear them with PJs!


Amber said...

She is so precious!!!

Tank said...

I loved being able to see the video! She is so beautiful. She can put that pumpkin top on all by herself! Haha.