Friday, October 16, 2009

One Year Already

One year ago today Uncle Jeffrey left for the mission field. He has been living in Africa an entire year today. On one hand it seems like he has not been gone long at all and on the other hand it feels like a lifetime since we have seen him. Jared and Jason were both able to visit Jeff in Africa this summer. How amazing is that? Both Jeff's brothers went to visit him! We are all looking very forward to December 23rd! Jeffrey is coming home for Christmas this year! I just wanted to post a blog about Jeff today because we are so proud of him! You will not find many young men his age leaving home and everything they know to live half way around the world to serve God in whatever areas needed. That is truly amazing! Jeff is an amazing person and I am so blessed to have him as one of my brothers! We love you Jeff and can't wait to see you!

Jeffrey feeding McKenzie one year ago!

Jeff and McKenzie one year ago

We did Christmas in October right before Jeff left!

McKenzie today! She decided to get into the cupboard
and dump out the cereal and then put it into
her little containers that she likes to play with!

McKenzie today reading a magazine!

Daddy and Kenzie reading together!

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Tank said...

Thank you for your post Megan. That was so encouraging! I can't wait to see you all sooooo soon. Love you so much. Give Kenzie my love!