Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

The holidays are of course the best times of the year. However, the holidays for us also mean travel...lots of time in the car! This year it was The Lamb's for Thanksgiving. So we left home on Wed. morning and went to Madison. Brain, Amber, and Tate joined us Wed. night. Tate and McKenzie are so cute together these days. They know that the other one is there and they play so nice together. However, Tate is still definitely the good sleeper and McKenzie is the one that takes all Tate's pushes! It was great to be home with all the family. Steve came over and spent lots of time with us, which was really great! We also tried to take a family picture for Mom's Christmas card while we were all together! You can imagine how that worked with two little ones! Thanksgiving at home was great as always. Tons of yummy food and laughter! Friday morning, Amber, Mom, and I went to Wal-Mart for the sales! We got everything that we were going for and were all back home by 5:45! It was amazing! We had a blast! We left Madison Friday morning and headed to Young Harris for Jason's family Thanksgiving Friday night and his Mom's 50th Birthday on Saturday! Saturday MG woke up and like Friday morning when she woke up her eyes were covered and matted shut with puss. I thought she had pink eye so off we go to the Urgent Care. (We are always out of town when this poor baby gets sick. It always is on a holiday or a Saturday too!) Come to find out, she has a double ear infection and her congestion was draining through her eyes along with her nose. I had no idea something like that could happen. It was so gross...poor baby! However, after 4 different antibiotics she is feeling much better today! I am not sure what it is with her and holidays but she seems to be sick on every major one. We are praying for health for this Christmas!

Tate in his shark towel from Aunt Amy!
(It says TATE on the back above the fin!!)

McKenzie in her flower towel from Amy!


Playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie with Nana!

Riding on the Zebra!

Family photo # who even can count that high!!
Just kidding! It was not so bad!

Us...MG wanted to go and play

McKenzie climbing the stairs to Uncle 'Teve's
peddle tractors!

Sweet Cousins

Our precious blessing that we are so thankful for...
Tate and McKenzie

McKenzie Grace all ready for Christmas!
(She loves this dress Katie!)

Young Harris

Kathy turned 50 Nov. 28th!

McKenzie would not nap so we got her up for cake!

About to blow out the candles!

The pretty flowers that Diane sent to Kathy!

MG and Uncle Jared


McKenzie fell into her toy box at Grandma's!

In the toy shoe MIA...Always!

Undecorating Grandma's tree...

Christmas Card Picture for Grandma and Papa Norton...
Grandma always buys MG her Christmas dress for her Christmas card

All ready to go and eat for Grandma's birthday dinner

Going to eat...


50th Birthday pic!

MG at the restaurant...Thank God for straws to entertain her!

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Tank said...

What a great thanksgiving! Thank you for always keeping me updated over here. The foot pictures are hilarious! I am SOOO thankful that the next holiday I will be there with you all! Three weeks from tomorrow I fly out!!!