Monday, November 16, 2009

Aunt Martha (Amber) is the deal! Aunt Martha (Amber) strikes again! Look at what she has created now! She has made Mc G. (Yes, we sometimes call her this, thanks to Katie!!) some hair bows! Look at these! She made this big white bow, all of her own creativity. (I told her to patent it!) The white bow has an extra loop in the middle that the turkey bow clips into. So, you can rotate out your middle bow for whatever holiday or occasion you are wearing your bow for! Can you believe this? MG wore her turkey bow clipped to her white bow to school today and I called Amber when I got back to my car and told her to quit teaching and start bow making full time! Everyone LOVED it! Who wouldn't? So adorable! McKenzie is so lucky to have such a crafty, creative Aunt! We just love her! Not really sure when she has time to make bows during teaching full time, being a mommy full time, and working with youth leaders at her church! Aunt Amber is truly AMAZING and we are so lucky that she is now a Lamb!

White bow and Turkey bow...they can also be worn separate!

Together! Amber has also made a Christmas Tree to clip where
the Turkey is clipped right now! I can't wait to show that one off!

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