Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Goodbye for Now

Hey everyone! I guess I need to catch you up on the happens of life for us lately. We returned from our cruise safely very late Thursday night. It was so good to see McKenzie. She looked so big to us.

Saturday morning we got an early phone call from Jason's cousin Karen, she informed us that her sister Kathy "Sidda" Ewing had died. She just never woke up Saturday morning. It has been a whirlwind since the phone call. Kathy and Karen both live in Heflin, AL about an hour from us. We immediately got ready and went on Saturday to be with Brent, Kathy's husband. They have one son, Connor, who is 11. He was on a deep sea fishing trip in Gulf Shores until Sunday night. When he returned Brent told him the news. He has been such a trooper through all of this. Last night was the visitation and over 400 people signed the book. There was an amazing amount of people there to support Brent and Connor and Karen and her son, John Russell. The funeral was today and then of course the graveside service. It was a beautiful day here today.

Of all the people who were close to Kathy, Jeffrey, Jason's middle brother was the closest cousin. As you all know Jeffrey is serving the Lord in Africa until 2010. He was debating coming home for this but Brent told him to stay in Africa. However, we know Jeffrey, he was not going to do nothing in Africa so he wrote Kathy's entire eulogy. Jason's youngest brother Jared read it. Jeffrey wrote the most beautiful message and Jared had the most beautiful delivery. They both did such an awesome job. I am so proud of them!

Please keep Brent, Connor, Karen, John Russell, Grandmother, and Bonnie in your prayers. Kathy was only 35 years old. It is so hard not to question why. The coming days will not be easy and I just ask you to please lift these people up in your prayers.

Kathy with McKenzie the day after we brought her home.

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Tank said...

It is still so hard to believe. I find myself fine and then it hits me and I just don't know how this can be true. I love that picture of Kenzie and Kathy. It is my background on my computer. I am so glad y'all are getting together with them next weekend. I love y'all so much and the new pictures! Give everyone my love.