Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lawn Mower Lady

McKenzie has really taken to mowing the lawn lately. Except, she does not mow the lawn she mows the sidewalk! It is much easier to push her lawn mower on the sidewalk! She loves it! It is a bubble mower but we are currently out of bubbles. She has just recently gotten to where she can push her mower fast enough to make bubbles! McKenzie has also insisted on wearing her Atlanta Braves hat from Uncle Jared lately. She always wants it on! It is so funny, she will find it and try to put it on herself and then bring it to us and say please! So cute!

Look at all her curls hanging out of her hat!

Yeah for mowing!

McKenzie is so tall!

1 comment:

Tank said...

Yes! She is so beautiful. Love y'all!