Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hattie's Birthday Party

This morning McKenzie and went to her friend Hattie's 3rd birthday party! It was at a gym near where we live. It was a Cinderella party! Very fun! However, this gym was like nothing I had ever been to before. It was a real gymnastics gym! It had balance beams, high bars, trampolines, a parachute, and even a foam pit with a trampoline under it. I know that is kind of hard to picture but it was like a pit. The pit was filled with blue foam squares and the bottom of the pit was a trampoline. You could jump off of high beams and spring boards into the foam pit! The older kids were having a blast with that. McKenzie just wanted me to put her in and lift her back out. Although one time when I put in her the pit she was after this pink ball. She got in the middle of the pit and could not move anymore. It is kind of hard to walk though a foam pit. So, I had to jump in to dig her out! It was so much fun! After playing for an hour the kids had chocolate cupcakes and Hattie opened her presents. McKenzie loved her cupcake! Little McKenzie played so hard that she was asleep soon after leaving the parking lot. It was a super, fun birthday party! Great job Ellen and TJ!

Hattie's Cinderella Cake!
McKenzie did not know what to think of the parachute!

She loved the breeze it created!

She was trying to hold on but could not keep a grip!

She loved the trampolines!

Here is McKenzie in the middle of the foam pit, just
before I had to jump in after her!

Hattie and McKenzie and the pink ball!

McKenzie and the ball!

More foam pit

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Tank said...

She'll be doing backflips before I get back!